The History of the Grammy Award… Trophies are a great way to Recognize Accomplishment

The 2013 Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center on February 10th in Los Angeles, California and everyone is buzzing about the nominees and who will walk away with the coveted gold-plated trophies that are the main attraction of the event. While I am personally rooting for Jack White to take home Album of the Year and Best Rock Song, all of the competition is as varied as it is talented.

The Grammy Trophy has an interesting history which is overlooked in all of the anticipation and festivities. It is this behind-the-scene trivia that most relates to my topic: Trophies are a great way to recognize achievements and the people that put the event together are artistic individuals that put a lot of thought into what the general public will see.

The first annual Grammy Awards Ceremony was held on May 4th, 1959 to honor the musical accomplishments of performers from the previous year. They came about because it was apparent that many influential people in the business would never be eligible for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard. Music executives decided it would be best to create an awards ceremony for their industry much like the Oscars and Emmys.
Once they had settled on the ceremony, they had to figure out what to name it and what kind of award would suit the event. After much debate the executives decided to name the prestigious event after Emile Berliner who invented the gramophone, the first device designed for recording and replaying sound. This icon of musical history would also become the main event, a trophy plated in gold and hand assembled in Colorado.

When people think of trophies, I think more often than not it calls to mind the wall of dusty football and weightlifting trophies that old Uncle Al still keeps in his den. Here at The Trophy Shop we take pride in every trophy we assemble and love coming up with something that fits the occasion perfectly. There are many spectacular forms that trophies take and no matter how prestigious the event, the recipients always enjoy having something they can take home as tangible proof of their hard work and accomplishments. With a little creativity, The Trophy Shop can make sure that your presentation will live up to your expectations. Just visit our website or our showroom to get your ideas rolling.

For a complete list of the nominees for the 2013 Grammy Awards, visit this link.

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