Unique Jersey Awards

The Perfect Awards for Your Team

The Perfect Awards for Your Team

We inspire greatness. How? We keep the memories and team values fresh. Team values can be a recipe for success in life when we remember what we learned. We introduce to you, the unique Legacy Jersey Award.

Why do most players remember their jersey and number for life? Maybe it’s because our coach believed in us long before we could even believe in ourselves. Maybe it’s because we felt accepted and appreciated in our place on the team. No matter the reason we remember, we all needed that experience of teamwork to learn true team values. Our team is where we learn about success in life and the power of working together. We learn that following the advice of our coach and working with our team mates can push us farther than we could go on our own. Our Legacy Jersey Awards set up lasting memories for lifetime success.

Visit http://www.thetrophyshop.com or call 800-881-8551 to learn how you can create this lasting award for as low as $13.50

We are The Trophy Shop, and we make great awards at a great price.

PLAQUE                              STANDING                          SCULPTURED ICE

5X7        $13.50                  5X7        $15.50                  3.5X5           $18.50

6X8        $14.50                  6X8        $15.50                  4X6              $21.50

7X9        $16.50                  7X9        $18.50                  5X7              $23.50

8X10      $18.50                  8X10      $20.80


The Legacy Jersey Award is also available for soccer, basketball, softball, football, water polo, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, and track.

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