Recognition Rocks!

The Trophy Shop in Gainesville, FL makes recognition easy!

One of the best ways a person can make another feel good about something they are doing is simply to tell them that they are doing a great job. This is the art of recognition. There are not many relationships, personal or business, that will survive without the fostering of good feelings associated with being truly appreciated.

Although saying the words, “you did a great job today” is simple and promotes a positive response, sometimes it just isn’t enough in the long term. If a mother who cares for an entire family with diligence and grace hears “Thanks Mom!” after every small act, such as serving dinner, washing clothes, or making sure that everybody’s shoes are by the door before they leave for school, it begins to feel repetitive and generic. When she is presented with a hand picked bunch of flowers (secretly wondering what neighbor is missing her prized amaryllis) or a coupon book full of “I will do the dishes tonight” and “I will not knock on your bedroom door after 9:00 pm”, it makes her feel like all the hard work and sacrifices are worth it. She feels appreciated. If she was weary and stressed before, this gives her motivation to keep giving her all. This is the power of recognition.


Sometimes it is best to go above and beyond and really let someone know that what they do is meaningful and impacts your life or your business in an important way. At The Trophy Shop, we specialize in finding creative ways to make this possible. Whether you are thinking about trophies for a sports team or a beautiful glass award for a corporate office (or a vase for that amaryllis for Mom), The Trophy Shop has you covered. We love helping you make the important people in your life smile.

Visit our showroom or go to our website for ideas and advice from the recognition experts.

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