New Standing Gator Award Available!

Come down and visit our showroom to order one of these truly one of a kind gator awards!

This standing gator is positioned in a way to allow for mounting small items in his hands, either by you or by us. Do you have a loved one in the radiography program? Imagine their joy at receiving this award holding an x-ray with their name and graduation date on the base!

Our friendly sales associates are here to help you plan your special award. We also love to see what unique and creative ideas you come in with!

The pricing for this exclusive gator trophy starts at $35.00, plus engraving costs. We also have it available on our website if you don’t have time to stop in and visit us. Visit us at thetrophyshop.com.

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Baseball Championship Awards at The Trophy Shop

Baseball Championship Awards

Baseball Championship Awards

Congratulations on your Championship Season!

We’ll celebrate with you with our affordable, one of a kind awards. Our award features a representation of your team jersey with the individual player’s name and number. We all remember our jersey number, and right now even you are likely thinking about the number from the back of your jersey from years ago, and the great memories that came along with it. With our Legacy Jersey Award your championship experience can be on display, and celebrated for the years to come.

Our Legacy Jersey Awards are incredibly affordable, starting as low as $13.50 each. Visit www.thetrophyshop.com or call 800-881-8551 for more information on these lasting team memories.

PLAQUE                              STANDING                          SCULPTURED ICE

5X7        $13.50                  5X7        $15.50                  3.5X5           $18.50

6X8        $14.50                  6X8        $15.50                  4X6              $21.50

7X9        $16.50                  7X9        $18.50                  5X7              $23.50

8X10      $18.50                  8X10      $20.80

The Legacy Jersey Award is also available for water polo, tennis, basketball, soccer, track, lacrosse, volleyball, football and softball.

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Unique Jersey Awards

The Perfect Awards for Your Team

The Perfect Awards for Your Team

We inspire greatness. How? We keep the memories and team values fresh. Team values can be a recipe for success in life when we remember what we learned. We introduce to you, the unique Legacy Jersey Award.

Why do most players remember their jersey and number for life? Maybe it’s because our coach believed in us long before we could even believe in ourselves. Maybe it’s because we felt accepted and appreciated in our place on the team. No matter the reason we remember, we all needed that experience of teamwork to learn true team values. Our team is where we learn about success in life and the power of working together. We learn that following the advice of our coach and working with our team mates can push us farther than we could go on our own. Our Legacy Jersey Awards set up lasting memories for lifetime success.

Visit http://www.thetrophyshop.com or call 800-881-8551 to learn how you can create this lasting award for as low as $13.50

We are The Trophy Shop, and we make great awards at a great price.

PLAQUE                              STANDING                          SCULPTURED ICE

5X7        $13.50                  5X7        $15.50                  3.5X5           $18.50

6X8        $14.50                  6X8        $15.50                  4X6              $21.50

7X9        $16.50                  7X9        $18.50                  5X7              $23.50

8X10      $18.50                  8X10      $20.80


The Legacy Jersey Award is also available for soccer, basketball, softball, football, water polo, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, and track.

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Unique Plaques at The Trophy Shop

Here at The Trophy Shop, we have an extensive variety of awards for any occasion at an unbeatable price. We work with our customers to

One of our many styles of plaques we have here at the Trophy Shop

One of our many styles of plaques we have here at the Trophy Shop

provide the award they envision, and exceed those expectations.

Plaques make fantastic awards that can be truly unique and personal. You can choose from one of our many countless layouts or customize to your desire. From family photos mounted behind plexiglass to medallion plaques, we’re sure to have whatever you’re looking for. We have many styles of plates and wood to help create your perfect award. And with our quick turn around time of just three to five business days, you’re sure to have your plaque in time for the big day.

Interested in one of our one of a kind plaques? View our plaques on our website here! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Come and visit us at 707 NW 13th street to view our full collection and find that perfect award.

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The Trophy Shop’s New Website

Here at The Trophy Shop, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. However, meeting your needs can be difficult when it’s hard for you to

The Trophy Shop's New Website

The Trophy Shop’s New Website

find what you’re looking for. This is why we’ve redesigned our entire website from the ground up to better serve you, our valued customers.

Gone are confusing navigation menus, in place of a much more user-friendly interface. Easily find what you need, whether that be a striking acrylic award or personalized plaque. Search by sport, or check out only the awards that fit your budget. You can even check our catalogs, in case you can’t quite find what you’d like within our stock.

See something you like, but don’t quite need to order yet? Try out our new wishlist function, where you can save awards you see for later reference. And when you are prepared to place your order, our checkout system is new and improved for user convenience. Checkout is fast and easy, and you’re even provided with an estimated pickup date. Need it sooner? Just call in and we can do our best to help you get your award in time for your event.

Our website is now mobile friendly as well, making it even easier to browse our selection and make your purchase. Interested in checking us out? Check out our new and improved website here, and enjoy the new ease of use!

Nametags and Signs at The Trophy Shop

At The Trophy Shop, we’re thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that you get just what you need.

Domed Metal Nametags

Domed Metal Nametags

Whether you need trophies, certificates, or desk accessories, we’ll have just what you need for you and your business.

We have a wide assortment of products for you to choose from, including unique signs and nametags. Our nametags can be emblazoned with whatever you wish for them to have, including your logo in color. We offer domed tags, flat metal tags, and simple plastic tags. We have a large assortment of signs as well, in a variety of colors and sizes. We also offer braille as an option. Our signs are unique and made to order to suit the needs of our customers.

If you’d like to order nametags or signs from us, visit our website’s order page by clicking here. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, no matter the purchase you make!

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Beautiful Crystal Star Award

Crystal Stainless Star Award

Stainless Optical Glass Star Award

No matter what you need, The Trophy Shop is sure to provide. We have a large selection of awards and trophies that is sure to fit your requirements. We offer everything you need for a unique and distinct award at a good price.

Optical crystal makes for eye-catching awards, especially this stunning piece of art. A stainless steel star resting upon a hard crystal base makes for a real conversation starter. The crystal base has ample space for logos and text, making it easily customizable for the shooting star in your life.  The flawless base is unmarked by imperfections such as chips and scratches. All of these sleek awards are packaged in a premium presentation box. This award is truly unique, perfect for that special shining star.

This crystal award truly is breathtaking, isn’t it? To order this astonishing award, click here to go to the order page on The Trophy Shop’s website.

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The History of the Grammy Award… Trophies are a great way to Recognize Accomplishment

The 2013 Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center on February 10th in Los Angeles, California and everyone is buzzing about the nominees and who will walk away with the coveted gold-plated trophies that are the main attraction of the event. While I am personally rooting for Jack White to take home Album of the Year and Best Rock Song, all of the competition is as varied as it is talented.

The Grammy Trophy has an interesting history which is overlooked in all of the anticipation and festivities. It is this behind-the-scene trivia that most relates to my topic: Trophies are a great way to recognize achievements and the people that put the event together are artistic individuals that put a lot of thought into what the general public will see.

The first annual Grammy Awards Ceremony was held on May 4th, 1959 to honor the musical accomplishments of performers from the previous year. They came about because it was apparent that many influential people in the business would never be eligible for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard. Music executives decided it would be best to create an awards ceremony for their industry much like the Oscars and Emmys.
Once they had settled on the ceremony, they had to figure out what to name it and what kind of award would suit the event. After much debate the executives decided to name the prestigious event after Emile Berliner who invented the gramophone, the first device designed for recording and replaying sound. This icon of musical history would also become the main event, a trophy plated in gold and hand assembled in Colorado.

When people think of trophies, I think more often than not it calls to mind the wall of dusty football and weightlifting trophies that old Uncle Al still keeps in his den. Here at The Trophy Shop we take pride in every trophy we assemble and love coming up with something that fits the occasion perfectly. There are many spectacular forms that trophies take and no matter how prestigious the event, the recipients always enjoy having something they can take home as tangible proof of their hard work and accomplishments. With a little creativity, The Trophy Shop can make sure that your presentation will live up to your expectations. Just visit our website or our showroom to get your ideas rolling.

For a complete list of the nominees for the 2013 Grammy Awards, visit this link.

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Recognition Rocks!

The Trophy Shop in Gainesville, FL makes recognition easy!

One of the best ways a person can make another feel good about something they are doing is simply to tell them that they are doing a great job. This is the art of recognition. There are not many relationships, personal or business, that will survive without the fostering of good feelings associated with being truly appreciated.

Although saying the words, “you did a great job today” is simple and promotes a positive response, sometimes it just isn’t enough in the long term. If a mother who cares for an entire family with diligence and grace hears “Thanks Mom!” after every small act, such as serving dinner, washing clothes, or making sure that everybody’s shoes are by the door before they leave for school, it begins to feel repetitive and generic. When she is presented with a hand picked bunch of flowers (secretly wondering what neighbor is missing her prized amaryllis) or a coupon book full of “I will do the dishes tonight” and “I will not knock on your bedroom door after 9:00 pm”, it makes her feel like all the hard work and sacrifices are worth it. She feels appreciated. If she was weary and stressed before, this gives her motivation to keep giving her all. This is the power of recognition.


Sometimes it is best to go above and beyond and really let someone know that what they do is meaningful and impacts your life or your business in an important way. At The Trophy Shop, we specialize in finding creative ways to make this possible. Whether you are thinking about trophies for a sports team or a beautiful glass award for a corporate office (or a vase for that amaryllis for Mom), The Trophy Shop has you covered. We love helping you make the important people in your life smile.

Visit our showroom or go to our website for ideas and advice from the recognition experts.

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Custom Engraving Done At The Trophy Shop

 Engraved Items Make Great Gifts!

With the holiday season fast approaching, everybody is on the hunt for unique gifts that will make everyone on their list smile. Here at The Trophy Shop we offer diamond bit engraving that can take a gift idea from ordinary to extraordinary! For a small setup charge and the cost of engraving we can add names, dates, phrases and logos to all kinds of items including (but not limited to) jewelry, knives, ornaments, serving sets, stainless steel travel mugs and key chains. We offer a variety of fonts to choose from that range from classic to modern, block or script. You can look through our font book or if you are in a hurry you can opt to allow our engraver to have artistic license and feel confident that you will be pleased with the result. Monograms are a timeless addition to many items such as cuff links or lockets and metal picture frames can be customized with dates or words to commemorate important events. Do you have a gear-head in the family that spends more time in the garage than in the house and you have already bought all the tools that you think they could possibly need? We can engrave chrome parts! (This is a great idea for Harley enthusiasts and muscle car junkies) The possibilities are endless and engraving is such an easy way to make sure that the receiver feels that this gift is just for them. We do require that you bring the item into the shop so that our engravers can take a look at it and determine that it will mount into our state of the art diamond bit engraving machine. We also have a huge selection of gift items right here in our showroom if you are looking for a one-stop shop! So get out of that boring gift basket aisle and bring us your ideas! We love a challenge and we rarely say no!

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